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Welcome to my blog!

I am essentially moving my blog from to It’s been a while since I consistently blogged, and I wanted to pick back up with blogging on here.

I hope to blog about my experiences at UBC, undergrad, millennial things, and more kicking off in the new year.

I didn’t want to go through the trouble of moving my entire old blog onto the new domain so will likely just re-publish some of the more popular posts with disclaimers of when they were originally published (eg. course reviews from 3 years ago may not be as relevant today as they were before). I also hope to get more personal experiences from people outside Science as well!


So to give an introduction, I am currently a first year Pharmacy student at UBC. I completed my undergrad in 2015 at UBC in the Integrated Sciences program, and will have been at UBC for nearly a decade once I graduate 😮 . Safe to say, I’m done with school after this program. No more school! From the time I graduated from my undergrad to when I started at UBC I was working in digital marketing. I explored a ton of things I wanted to do long-term before deciding on Pharmacy, it was not an overnight decision, but I’m so glad I made it, because Pharmacy really feels like my perfect fit!

Excited to share a ton in the upcoming new year so stay tuned. Thanks for reading, and happy new years!



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