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Preparing for Midterms and Exams at UBC & Using Old Midterms

Midterms are a big part of your grade during undergrad, at least in Science from what I experienced. Depending on the course, it could range from 1 midterm a semester to 2 or 3. I always preferred when there were multiple midterms, because it took some of the pressure of, where you don’t feel like 30%+ of your final grade is dependent on one exam early on in the semester.

Finding my groove in terms of doing well at UBC took me a long time! It didn’t happen overnight.

So my tips on how to do well on Midterms at UBC

  1. Try and keep up during the semester. Some people like to review everything from a lecture the day of, others like to wait a little longer. Personally I like to study after a decent chunk of material (at least a week, I have no motivation too far in advance). So it’s based on preference.
  2. Be smart and efficient with your time. If you are studying try your best to focus your attention for at least 30 minutes without distractions. Easier said than done, but It’s amazing how little I can get done after 4 hours of studying, but the day before an exam, I can get through so much content in 30 minutes in a panic. If you can channel that energy a little earlier, you will be super set for an exam.
  3. Study with friends! I think having friends around helps focus on studying because you’re not going through the struggle alone lol! This can be good or bad though, if you want to gossip about Real Housewives for 3 hours (me)…then it may not be that productive. But if you find yourself unmotivated studying alone, then join a friend!
  4. Tailor your studying to the course.  I don’t study the same for every course. If your professor focuses his testing on learning objectives, then you should focus on learning objectives. If your professor focuses on practice problems, focus on practice problems. I have pulled off some miraculous last minute studying and still did well, by paying attention to the professor in mind.
  5. OLD MIDTERMS/Practice questions. I can’t stress this enough. In my first year, I remember professors would post old midterms or practice questions, and I never did them or looked at them. Why? Because I thought that’s stuff thats guaranteed to not be on the real midterm if it’s given to us as practice, so why focus on that.  It makes sense, but just SMH. Practice questions/Old midterms/Old finals are very useful to get use to what’s expected. I remember studying for Chem 123 years ago with friends, and by focusing on practice questions/ old exams for like 2 days straight we all got 95+. I was shook. Like why am I just doing this now… :”( Unfortunately, not every professor provides a lot of practice questions, so you really have to be resourceful, go to office hours, find out what is expected of you.

This brings me to my next point, I always get emails about old practice questions, exams, etc. Some of these are online if you look hard enough. Like the math department has everything laid out here, for old Math 100, Math 102, Math 103, Math 105…and a lot more Math exams. You can go check that out in the link below, found this on google.

Couldn’t find any other sites that had things super laid out. It’s been years, but I managed to find some of my old materials for

  • Chem 123
  • Math
  • Chem 233
  • Bioc 302
  • Stats 200
  • Phys 102
  • Micb 306
  • Phyl 301 notes

That’s all I could find in my old email as of now. You can email for more information regarding that, I’d rather not publish all of that on this blog.



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