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Nori at UBC Review

Was really hoping to be more consistent with this site and post more often, but the last month has been just an overload of information, with just endless things to do, and so I couldn’t blog as much as I wanted. Just finished a brutal Infectious Diseases Module in pharmacy, and I really feel like a walking encyclopedia at this point. The best way I like to treat myself on campus is going to Nori!

The amount of money I spend at Nori, I figured it deserved a review, my first foodie review! So going to start off and say I love the food here. I’ve tried the sushi, a variety of the bowls, the little snack pieces they have available. I feel like their best meals are easily the bowls. The sushi is refrigerated there, but the bowls are made in front of you.

The picture above is of the Laksa bowl. So good. I mean, I never expect campus food to be THAT good, but I mean it beats a lot of fancier places I’ve went to around Vancouver. The laksa has shrimp, egg, udon, a broth with coconut milk, it all blends together so well. It is easily my favourite thing there. The price of the bowl Is just under $10, which is to ME, is pricy for a lunch, especially when I’ve done 2 bowls a day at the peak of my addiction. But as we all know, nothing is super cheap in Vancouver, and on campus. So I’d say for the price, the quality beats pretty much everything else I’ve tried on campus so far. I also reasoned that I could still get the regular 5 dollar bowl without all the extra additions if I wanted a cheaper meal.

And I also have to add about the service. This isn’t a typical restaurant, I feel like its more of a to-go/restauranty just because it’s on campus, but the service is amazing, and I’ve never had service that good anywhere else. Definitely makes you want to come back a few times.

Also it seems like I’m praising, this post is not sponsored or anything like that, I just started this blog a month ago lol.

So the highlight meal for me there is Laksa. The Curry bowl is very savory as well, and I think the mix of curry and udon worked out a lot better than I expected. The Laksa might be spicy for some people, but its pretty great for me. Very fulling as well, great portions.

Will be scoping out where to review next.



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